2018 Recital Rehearsal Videos

Preschool Dance “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”Preschool Dance “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”

Intro to Dance Ballet “Smile” Smile Rehearsal Video
Intro To Dance Tap “Boogie Shoes” Boogie Shoes Rehearsal Video

Dance Combo 1 Tap “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” Combo 1 Tap video
Dance Combo 1 Jazz “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” Combo 1 Jazz video
Combo 1 Jazz video2

Dance Combo 2 Tap “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” Combo 2 Tap video
Dance Combo 2 Ballet “Hero” Combo 2 Ballet video

Dance Combo 3 & 4 Tap “Sausilito Summer Night”
Sausilito Video
Dance Combo 3 & 4 Ballet “Mary Poppins” Combo 3/4 Mary Poppins Video

Thursday Jazz/ Hip Hop 1/2 “Move It Like This” Move It Like This Link

Tuesday Jazz/ Hip Hop 2/3 “Word” Word Link

Thursday Jazz/ Hip Hop 3/4 “Cheap Thrills” Cheap Thrills Link

Monday Jazz Hip Hop 4/5 “Love Train” Love Train Video

Wednesday Jazz/ Hip Hop 5 “Confident” Confident Video 1
Confident Video 2

Monday Jazz 6/7 “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” I Wanna Dance With Somebody video

Beg/ Int Clogging “Stereo Hearts” Stereo Hearts Video 1
Stereo Hearts Video 2

Int/ Adv Clogging “Gotta Be Me” Gotta Be Me Video 1
Gotta Be Me Video 2

Adv Clogging “Bad” Adv Clogging Video 1
Adv Clogging Video 2

Starlets Mini Team Tap “Lollipop”’ Mini Team Tap Link

Starlets Junior Team Tap “Faith” Faith Link

Prepointe Ballet “Faithfully”

Pointe 1 “Masquerade” Pointe 1 Video

Contemporary 7 “Piece By Piece”
Piece By Piece Video

Contemporary 7 “Believer”
Believer Video

Tap 4/5 “Blue Suede Shoes” Blue Suede Shoes Link

Tap 6 “Candyman” Tap 6 Link